Peoples and cultures of two Sudans

From The Sudan Handbook

A war of words among the Agar Dinka of Sudan

A feud between two singers in the 1970s and the strife it caused.

Miracles of the people

Paradoxical attitudes to Catholicism in an Afro-Brazilian religious centre in Salvador da Bahia

The Ruins of Utopia

A classical education, an apprenticeship in anthropology, the fate of pastoralism, the meanings of Utopia

The hazards of reporting
complex emergencies in Africa

1997: Insufficient language skills and lack of local knowledge
impede media coverage of African wars and famines

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Peoples and cultures of two Sudans

Whether Sudan is considered as one country or two, cultural diversity and ethnic complexity are among its most immediately striking features. Between them, the republics of Sudan and South Sudan are host to two world... more»

Local peace processes in Sudan

Local peace processes in Sudan

This report is an analytical account of the growth of “people-to-people” peace meetings in Sudan and its borderlands. It includes a comprehensive bibliography and time-chart ... more»

To conserve you must transform

Earlier today, in Leenco Lata’s absence, I read out on his behalf the paper he prepared for this conference. In doing so I took on the role of one who in the Dinka language—thong muonyjaang—would be called agamlong, or interpreter. ... more»

Slavery, abduction and forced servitude in Sudan

Slavery, abduction and forced servitude in Sudan

Our purpose on this mission was to find practical ways to advance peace in Sudan ... more»

Abuses of the laws of war in Sudan

In April 2001 I arrived by small plane at a settlement named Buoth in South Sudan. Buoth is in the former province of Western Upper Nile, an area under rebel authority close to the border... more»

Report of an Investigation into Oil Development, Conflict and Displacement in Western Upper Nile, Sudan (2001)

This report documents and places into context… ... more»

Sudan: Unintended consequences of humanitarian assistance

Sudan: Unintended consequences of humanitarian assistance

Introduction The research team was asked to consider a wide range of consequences of humanitarian aid in Sudan, with an... more»

The Ruins of Utopia

If we had been living in the era of Sir Thomas More–St Thomas More—author of the original Utopia, who lived from 1478 to 1535, we would be speaking in Latin, the lingua franca of learned people… ... more»

Forced labor

Forced labor, like slavery, involves the deprivation of liberty, but differs from slavery in that no claim of permanent right of ownership is made over a person subject to it. International agreements put strict limits... more»

1988: Emergency humanitarian response in Africa—an anatomy of ignorance

Humanitarian organisations operating in the world’s disaster zones, working in situations of conflict and social breakdown, find themselves—by default rather... more»